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A very happy birthday to my little girl, 8 years old on Friday. A turning point in terms of presents. No Barbies this year, but a CD player with some bedtime story CD's (and I am sure she'll be borrowing my Norah Jones too) and a mobile phone. Too young? Well, we won't be topping up the credit, and she can really only call Mummy and Daddy. It's more for peace of mind and to make her feel like a big girl.

Thursday had been wet, and Thursday night really wet. I went to Phuket Brewery for a few beers with another long term Phuket resident. In fact he's been here 14 years and it turns out lives in the next street to me.. and we'd never met until Thursday! The rain hammered on the roof as we chatted. The Phuket Gazette reported a mudslide which blocked part of the road between Patong and Karon beaches.

Since we had a birthday party planned for Friday afternoon, this wet weather was not welcome at all. So I had a word with Mother Nature, God, Pacha Mama and Thor and we arranged for Friday to be a glorious sunny day. Thanks guys, I owe you one. Aside from a few gusts of wind blowing paper plates around, weather was perfect for a party. And a few more beers. Last to leave was my Aussie friend whose kids are in the same school as ours. But I reckon he was more drunk than me... I woke nearly midday on Saturday and cracked open a beer from the icebox left over from Friday. Can't remember the last time I had a "breakfast beer"! Saturday was another beautiful day.

Sky over my house 25th July

Having been a Twitter user for a while, I finally decided to login to Twitpic. If you are a Twit, you can join too. The photo of the sky over our house yesterday was the first thing I "twitted"? "twitpicked"? Anyways, will surely add some more... Jamie on TwitPic. Indeed have added a photo of this weeks Phuket Gazette, as they printed a photo I took during last weeks Phuket Photo Walk.

Sunday (today) has also been sunny. Just as I was leaving work, my wife called to suggest I came along to the Phuket Flower Fair at Sapan Hin in Phuket Town, but it was getting late for photos and the place was absolutely packed. I could not find a parking space, and with the light fading I decided to head home.. will check out the flower fair tomorrow or Tuesday. It's on until August 2nd, flower lovers!

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