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Perfect Days in Phuket

The last few days have been really hot, up into the mid 30's Celsius, hardly any wind, hotter than high season. Saturday I even got a bit of sunburn after spending time in the garden. Gardens need a lot of looking after at this time of year. The mix of rainy spells, winds blowing leaves all over the place, and then hot days drying up all your lotus pots means I try to do a big weekly clean up - raking leaves, watering thirsty plants, pulling up weeds (weeds being anything that I don't want growing). In months like January or February you need to do far less, as there's not much rain and things don't grow so much.

Karon Beach, 16th August

Karon Beach looking good right now. The photo above was taken on Sunday morning. Small waves, and indeed today (check the live Karon Beach Webcam) it's really calm, good enough for snorkeling I'd say. Or diving. All instructors are saying dive conditions are perfect right now, with the calm seas and good visibility at all dive sites.

There has been some build up of dark clouds over the last 2 days but it's not come to anything like a thunderstorm, although you'd expect a localised storm with this kind of windless heat. There were clouds in the sky last night and a few spots of rain this morning, but by now (9am) it's looking like another hot day. Photo below is the sunset and sky as seen from my house, looking west towards the hills.

Sky over Phuket, 17th August

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Forecast looks like at least a few more hot and calm days. And then we'll all be hoping for a rainy day to cool off :)

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