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Changeable weather in Phuket

Don't ask me what the weather will be like tomorrow! This is now typically unpredictable proper low season weather. Feels like low season is coming to an end. This kind of windy, wet weather with some lovely sunny days in between tends to happen just before the seasons change.

The week started with sunny days, just as we had last weekend when I last updated the blog. Sorry for the 6 day delay, but sometimes having a job and a family does have to come first :) Blogging time is a luxury item!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty sunny. Wednesday started clear but got wet in the afternoon. Wednesday showed the localised nature of the rain. Clouds do tend to hang around over the hills in Phuket. We had divers out at Racha Yai island, about 15km south of Phuket. They had a hot sunny day and only saw any rain upon getting back to the mainland. Thursday was all cloud, some rain, and then Friday 25th was a contender for wettest day of the year.

I should try to update more often here, but don't want to post something as minimal as "today is sunny and 32 degrees". There are sometimes mini weather updates on Twitter, and lots of weather links on the left of the page for latest satellite, radar, wind, webcams etc...

Today (Saturday) started sunny , but it's windy and the afternoon has been mostly grey. At a friends house near Kathu Waterfall this morning, the butterflies were out in the morning sun and I chased them...

Forecast for this week does not look great. Looks like lots of wet and windy weather to come as the low season blows itself out....

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