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God is playing with the hosepipe

The last few days have all been very similar. A bit of sun, a bit of rain, sun breaks through again, then it rains again. Sunday was probably the nicest day of the week, though the rain kept on coming in little showers. In the evening, having a cup of coffee outside we could see stars. Then 2 minutes later, rain. Then 2 minutes later, we could see stars again! I think God's hosepipe is set on sprinkler mode. Really the entire last 6 days has been very similar. Not much wind, some heavy showers followed by sun, then another shower. For once the weather forecasts are correct with that little cloud/rain/sun symbol, which means "er.. we don't know, but if we put THIS symbol we'll be right all the time".

So, the weather in Phuket is like this at the moment:

Sun, Cloud, Rain

September is the quietest month in Phuket for tourism. The weather does tend to be a bit crap on average, although there are sunny days, and it's no like we get typhoons or anything like that. So things are quiet now in the dive shop in Phuket, time to get those last low season jobs done, as high season will be upon us soon. Time now to service dive gear, make changes to the website, and restock the shop.

A couple of photos from last week...

Road between Chalong and Kata, Thursday 10th September

(above) Driving towards Kata beach, 9am, 10th September.

Long eared cow, Phuket

(above) Rural Phuket. We took a drive around on Saturday, a mostly wet day. This cute long eared cow came to check out the car.

Will be school holidays in a couple of weeks. Kids get a month off in between terms. We will take a week away from Phuket, but back in time for the vegetarian festival that starts on 18th October.

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