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I can feel it in my fingers

Rain is all around me, it's everywhere I go. Boy oh boy, some wet days! Rained all night and most of this morning, but has now dried up late afternoon. I had planned to take a day off today, but awoke to grey skies, a soggy garden and continual rain. Yep, these days do happen! September is (I reckon) the grottiest month of the year. According to the averages, October gets more rain, but by October the westerly winds are disappearing. Right now you get wind and rain and ... well, I don't suppose many people would have been sunbathing at Kata beach today.

Photos above - Kata Beach this morning about 9am. Waves right to the top of the beach. Beach chairs being taken by the sea.. no sign of the owners of the chairs. Nobody about at all except that guy going running.

The forecast looks much better starting tomorrow. I think the weekend will be sunny. In fact I can feel the brightness coming back to the sky right now. So tomorrow will be a day off, plan to head for a nice lunch somewhere, just me and my wife. Last chance before school holidays and then high season starts again.

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