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Please don't rain!

Just a quick look at the Phuket weather radar right now shows no rain around, the satellite photo does not show anything scary, although the Windguru forecast predicts strong winds coming in tomorrow for a few days. Hopefully just winds and not too much rain. Had enough of that last week!

The week so far has been OK, a bit of a blur to be honest. Mid life crisis time. Some days are just a blur of getting kids to school, work, getting kids to bed again and trying to find some "quality time" with them, with my wife and some of that much neglected "me" time! The weather follows life's pattern. It's a blur. Mostly quite nice this week, not much rain, plenty of sun. I would go so far as to say "very pleasant" weather this week. We are into September which is often touted as the wettest month of the year, although according to the Phuket Rainfall Averages based on the data sent to me by a local resident, October holds that honour. OK, we are only 3 days into September, but it's good so far :)

I have not been anywhere taking photos this week. Work has been surprisingly busy. Lots of emails, and lots of people booking for their high season liveaboard diving trips. Global recession? Well, maybe we are out of it, or maybe divers just think "**** it, let's go diving!"

I will take some photos tomorrow morning. Have made a plan to walk to the top of the highest hill in Phuket, well over 500m (1700 feet) above sea level. Meeting a local expat resident who is well known in Phuket. He wrote some posts on his blog about hiking in the hills in Phuket and so I am happy to have the chance to get in a walk with him - see his blog here : Fiddlehead in Phuket. It should be quite a walk, starting at Kathu Waterfall, up through the jungle. I am expecting some good photos and some aching legs!

Cheers for now... and pleeeease don't rain tomorrow morning!

Please don't rain!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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