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Typhoon Ketsana Satellite Animation

Typhoon Ketsana did not hit us here in Phuket. As far as I am aware, no typhoon has ever hit Phuket, and only one tropical storm has ever hit Thailand at Typhoon strength - that was Typhoon Gay in 1989 which hit my wifes home province of Chumphon. But as mentioned in the last weather blog post, Typhoon Ketsana was a big one, hitting the Philippines and Vietnam and dumping plenty of rain over SE Asia.

The video below was taken from a great website called "Digital Typhoon" which has satellite pictures and animations going back 30 years! Have a look...

The animation below was saved on September 30th and shows 7 days of weather activity. You can see Ketsana growing and moving west, finally dissipating over Cambodia/Thailand a few days ago.

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