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About this time of year, save for the occasional thunderstorm, the weather in Phuket is basically gorgeous just about every day. Blue skies, a breeze blowing from the Northeast, calm seas, no waves at the beaches, temperatures around 31 - 33 degrees Celsius (or 87 - 91 Farenheit for those of you who still live in the stone age, or America). Reporting the weather gets a little repetitive - sunny, warm, hot, clear skies, ooh! some clouds. Am I complaining? Ha Ha. In a few days, it will be 10 years since I arrived in Thailand. 10 years! Never intended to stay so long. Who knows where the time goes?

Across the evening sky, all the birds are leaving
But how can they know it's time for them to go?
Before the winter fire, I will still be dreaming
I have no thought of time
For who knows where the time goes?
Who knows where the time goes?
Sad, deserted shore, your fickle friends are leaving
Ah, but then you know it's time for them to go
But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving
I do not count the time
For who knows where the time goes?
Who knows where the time goes?
And I am not alone while my love is near me
I know it will be so until it's time to go
So come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again
I have no fear of time
For who knows how my love grows?
And who knows where the time goes?

Back to the weather!

Som evening rain in the last week - last night was very heavy for about an hour, it was like taking a shower outside. It seems to be raining every other night. Today is perfect. I can only hope that Saturday is perfect too when I am not working!

I have been taking a few photos - yesterday at Chalong temple in the morning...


Today I was at the Big Buddha at 8am and was the first visitor of the day. Clouds were streaming across the top of the hill which sits over 400m above sea level. Plenty of work still to be done on the site - the main statue is complete, but work continues on the base. Maybe another year?? It was nice to be there early. Next time I want to be there for sunrise.

Big Buddha Statue in Phuket

View from the Big Buddha, 12th November 2009

Always worth the trip up that hill for the views!

Forecast - more of the same, please.

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