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Winter Weather in Phuket

Now that's more like it. The winds have calmed, I have not seen any rain the last few days, the air is much fresher, the days are not too hot (maximum of "only" 30 - 31 degrees C), the nights are cooler, down to 24 - 25 C, the early morning grass is covered with dew, and Tescos have got their Christmas decorations up already. As Hugh Grant says in About A Boy.. "November the sodding 19th, 6 weeks before Christmas...".. it must be Winter in Phuket.

Ah, Winter in Phuket... warm sunny days, fresh mornings, slight chance of a thunderstorm, for weather this is my favourite time of year. Not too hot, not too wet, plenty of cool nights when even an aircon addict such as myself is happy to use just a fan.. And occasionally even a fan is too cool!

It's been getting better since the weekend. Saturday was quite nice, not too sunny, but that did not stop us taking a long leisurely lunch at our favourite place - The Beach Bar at Cape Panwa with views across Chalong Bay. We stayed a few hours, a few Changs, let the kids play and play on the beach. I would not bet against us being there again this weekend :)

Saturdays lunch at the Beach Bar

Beach, Beer Chang

Saturday had still been a bit cloudy, but I could feel the weather changing. From Sunday until today - lots of blue sky and perfect winter weather. Sure there will be some more rain, but we are entering the real dry season. December, January and February are the driest months of the year. It's noticeable to a local that these winter months are slightly cooler too. We are just about in the northern hemisphere so there is a slight dip in temperature. Still gonna feel pretty darn warm if you are coming from Sweden or England or the Yukon :)

I love the mornings at this time of year and will try to shake my lazy fat panda butt out to take some photos.. this morning I detoured on the way to work and walked a little way along the sand in Chalong Bay. The area around the jetty is full of boats. There are lots of speedboats but also longtails that still head out fishing. Some aspects of the old life are still plentiful in Phuket.

Boats in Chalong Bay

Boat near Chalong Jetty

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