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Christmas in Phuket

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas. I am not afraid to say 'Merry Christmas'... please don't force me to say 'Happy Holidays'. Christmas was a few days ago now, the new year 2010 (or 2553 in the old Thai calendar) is nearly here. A time to reflect, a time to look to the future and of course a time to eat and drink too much. I will do a "Best of 2009" on my Phuket blog next week... it's becoming a tradition - have a look at the Best of Jamie's Phuket 2008 and Best of Jamie's Phuket 2007 :)

The weather has been very similar for the last week or so here in Phuket - mostly hot and sunny, sometimes a bit cloudy or hazy. Was there any rain? Don't think so. I ate far too much on Christmas Day courtesy of Egbert and his magic kitchen. Paid for it later. Christmas day was very warm and the nice cooling breeze disappeared too. It was very much what Christmas should be - a relaxing day with family and friends.

Boxing Day. 5 years ago, Boxing Day started with blue skies, but turned into one of the worst natural disasters in history. I did not think so much about it this year.. wrote some things last year. Time to move on. Fear not for the future. Weep not for the past.

All sun here again today. I do like a bit of sun. Much as a snowball fight with my kids might appeal, I think splashing around in the sea is more appealing. It's been busy this week in the dive shop, this is the busiest week of the year, but I'll have a couple of days off after New Year. 2010, the year of the Tiger. Sounds like a year to look forward to. We are currently in the year of the Ox, rather more tame, if hard working... the Tiger is going to mix things up a bit.

Happy New Year from Phuket.

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