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We don't get snow here in Phuket. My kids have never touched snow. We are warm weather people here. If the night time temperature drops to 24 degrees C and there's a breeze blowing, well the windchill drives us indoors :) I suppose some people would call us lucky. Most people enjoy the sun, enjoy warm weather. Just over 10 years ago I flew back to England from Honduras where I had spent about 18 months of the previous 2 years working as a dive instructor. The constant heat actually started to bug me, I felt the need for some good fresh English air. Back home, friends mocked my fleece jacket.. they were in tshirts telling me what a nice warm day it was. So I booked my ticket to Thailand. This will be my 11th Christmas in Thailand. No snow, but we do have a tree and some lights and our kids will get some presents... and then we'll go to the beach :)

This was my view yesterday afternoon. We sat at our favourite restaurant, face to the setting sun, kids playing on the beach, tasty food, a couple of cold beers. It was one of those "happy moments" when I feel more than just happy, I feel like everything is as it should be. Must be time to read Candide again.

Everything is for the best, in this the best of all possible worlds

Meanwhile in England... a rather more "Christmassy" scene this week :

Let it snow - photo taken by my Mum


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