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Phuket's Getting Hotter - High Season Weather

To Phuket Weather blog followers - sorry for the lack of updates, but high season is here - in the last 10 days it has been hot and sunny every day... just had a small thunderstorm tonight, rained for about 20 minutes. That was the first rain since the last blog update if my memory serves. Tonight is noticeably warmer due to the cloud cover. On clear nights you can feel the cooler air - a temperature of 25 Celsius might seem warm if you are coming to Phuket from northern Europe, but for us locals, 25 degrees is a nice cool night!

If there are no updates here... there is plenty of weather information in the links on the left of the page - very useful links which I refer to almost daily such as :

Live Webcam at Karon Beach in Phuket (actually I don't need to look at this, as our dive shop is only 4 minutes walk from Karon Beach!)
SE Asia Satellite Pictures
Live Weather Station at Chalong Bay in the south of Phuket - shows wind and rainfall also UV levels.

Also, I do tend to mention the weather on Twitter - please do "follow" me if you are a fellow Tweeter -

And I use Twitpic sometimes too - - for example - a few days ago, I found a few free seconds to take a photo of the sky outside our dive shop and tweeted it...

Sky over Phuket 10th December - click to see this photo on TwitPic

A daily update at this time of year would be rather dull. Sunny and Hot. Hot and Sunny. Sunny and Hot, a few clouds. Very warm, lots of sun.

I took a few photos on Karon beach on the 10th also - water was so clear, hard to see in a photo.. especially as my camera sensor was dirty.. I had to photoshop out lots of spots and later cleaned the sensor with lens cleaner which I understand is not recommended, but it worked!

Karon beach 10th December

At the weekend I normally find time to go out somewhere for some photos, but this weekend we were busy. Some good friends left for Australia.. I mean, they have moved to live in Australia.. so we had a party for them on Saturday, no time to go out sightseeing. Weather was very nice on Saturday, if a little windy. I got my weekly dose of sunshine and mild sunburn on the shoulders.

A couple of photos taken from the 2nd floor of the dive shop today...

View over the back of Karon to the hills

So hot in Phuket you need an umbrella

Will try to get some photo updates of the weather on Twitpic during the week, stay tuned! But in general, now its December, weather is pretty much going to be hot and sunny for the next few months. See you in Phuket!

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