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Sun, sun, sun, a bit of rain, sun again

I do apologise for avid Phuket weather blog readers, but it's high season, which means 2 things... Firstly, the weather is mostly really good, so updating the weather every day or two will be somewhat repetitive. Secondly, high season means I am busy running a dive center and working longer hours than low season, so time is a luxury item.

Good news - the live web cam at Marina Phuket resort (Karon beach) is working again - best place to look if you want to answer the question "What is the weather like in Phuket right now". Have a look:

Phuket Webcam at Karon Beach

Last update here was just over a week ago. Since last Wednesday, the perfect winter weather continued a few more days. Thursday and Friday were hot with clear skies and cooler nights. Saturday started hazy, indeed I wondered if it might rain, but by early afternoon, the sun had burned through and it was a scorcher. We had lunch by the beach here:

Beach at Cape Panwa, Phuket, 28th November

Beach and Beer Chang

Oh yes, these photos are taken in Phuket, but you'll need to get off the main tourist beaches to find a place like this :)

And then it was so hot, I admit to having a siesta, only to be woken a couple of hours later by workers installing a hood/extractor in our kitchen. The evening cooled off nicely for a kids birthday party at a friends house. The word "cool" is a little different here. I am talking 25 degrees C, which is a nice warm sunny summer day in England, but a cool night in Phuket :)

Sunday was again very hot, Monday more of the same and we've been so busy this week at Sunrise Divers Phuket PADI Dive Center. Good time of year to dive - anyone diving this last week has had perfect weather.

Has got a bit "odd" the last few days with some rain and more hazy than sunny. Today really looked like rain was coming, but then we had a very hot afternoon which slowly hazed over again. And it was windy today too.. the Live Weather station at Chalong Bay in Phuket showed winds up to 25 knots... another very good place to look if you want to know what the weather is like in Phuket right now! Plenty of other weather links down the left side of the page <<<--- :)

Moon is full in the sky, I am sure the moon messes with the weather here! Tonight feels cool again, and I think tomorrow will be all blue skies and sunshine. Saturday is my only day off, so better be perfect! Saturday is also Fathers Day in Thailand, it will be the 82nd birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. I think everyone in Thailand is of the same mind: Long live the King!

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