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Flowers in the Window

A week of sunshine, memories and happiness. The weather at this time of year in Phuket is just about right. Not too hot, a slight breeze to cool the air, hardly any rain, clear starry nights. Just wish I had more days to enjoy it - will not grumble about being an office worker, but in the busy high season, it takes a lot to run a dive shop, takes up chunks of time that should be spent playing with the kids or just being with my dear wife who puts up with a lot. Thanks, dear.

The song in the Youtube video below does sum things up fairly well.

On Saturday, I had that time. I had a vague feeling that I maybe should get out and take some photos, do something for the Phuket blog.. but instead played with the kids in their new paddling pool, splashing around in the sun, inventing games, laughing. A melting snowman indeed.

So, current situation: happy dad and husband. Phuket. Great place to live. I never really dug up the past too much until this week when an old friend posted photos of Utila on Facebook. I dug out my old pics too and posted them : Utila Photos by Jamie - and have been chatting on Facebook with Utilians during the weekend and making new "Facebook Friends" - and have even found a Utilian living in Phuket - Hey, Glenn! Hope we can meet for a Salva Vida soon! It was a great time there, I nearly stayed forever. Seems very recent, but I have to remember, I have been here in Thailand for over 10 years now... and the flowers are growing.

Putting aside an idea to head to Cape Phromthep for sunset, I took a few minutes away from the kids to take some photos of flowers in our garden. Orchids are amazing plants, aren't they?

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