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Hot Days - I love Aircon

Every day this week has been hot and sunny. Have not seen any rain although did hear rumbles of thunder last night and a few distant lightening flashes lit up the sky. Would not be surprised if we do get some thunderstorms in the next 2 days - when it's this hot, then mother nature steps in with a cooling shower. Thankfully there is still a bit of a breeze blowing from the North East - when the winds stop blowing, it gets very hot in March and April.

I hardly notice the heat during the day as I am sitting in the aircon here at the dive shop. People coming into the shop normally make approving noises when they enter.. "Oh, it's nice and cool in here", "Oh thank goodness, aircon!"... but sometimes (and for some reason these people tend to be German), they make comments like "Aach! Ist so kalt in hier! Warum live you in Thailand if you like ze cold ja!". One German lady last year wanted to book some diving but refused to enter the office unless we turned off the aircon lest she became ill with a cold. I hope for her sake she did not visit 7-11, she would have died. Our secretary and I sometimes have running battles with the aircon.. I like 24 degrees, she likes 25. There is no option for 24½ and anyway, that would be half a degree to high :)

This morning I saw something that I don't recall seeing before. At a garden shop near our kids school, a patch of sunflowers. In fact, pretty sure we have not seen them before, as my daughter asked "Wow! What are those?".

Sunflowers in Phuket

And more sunflowers

Hope these blue skies continue - we have arranged a day out on a boat tomorrow cruising over to Koh Yao Noi island and checking out some of the amazing scenery in Phang Nga Bay.

Enjoy your weekends!

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