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Blue Skies over Phuket

Daily updates of Phuket weather would be silly at this time of year. For the last 10 days I could just write "sunny, hot, blue skies". February is the driest month of the year (see: Phuket Rainfall Averages) - you can't guarantee no rain, although February had no recorded rain in 2002, 2003 or 2005 according the the rainfall stats given to me by Steen (who lives in Patong).

If you want great weather, calm seas, and like it hot - February is a good time to come - if planning a last minute trip, have a look at the hotel deals on Got a bit too dry this week and my garden was looking thirsty. Also the heat does mean you have to be a bit careful not to get dehydrated - if coming here now, or at any time of year really, be sure to drink lots of fluids. Beer Chang does not count.

So, weather is good every day - it's far more exciting in the low season! Had a spot of illness in the family this week. Our daughter had a fever for a couple of days just over a week ago and my wife was feverish Sunday and yesterday too. We did have a busy weekend, though with an evening out eating pizza in Patong on Friday. Then on Saturday morning (when I normally have a lie in) I dragged myself out and was at Karon Beach a little after 7am to hike up to the Phuket Big Buddha, about 400m above sea level.

We started early to avoid the heat of the day - a nice little walk!

That's me near the top of the hill

Big Buddha in Phuket

View from the Big Buddha

Prediction for the next week - more sun and blue skies. See you soon!

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