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Welcome to the HOT season in Phuket

There was a sprinkling of rain the week before last, but I tell you, it's hot. Real hot. Hot as the hinges of Hades. Hot as a 2 dollar whore on the 4th of July. So dry the trees are bribing the dogs. We've had some right stinkers the last couple of weeks. And no rain. It's at this time of year that the alternative term for low season, "Green Season" makes sense. Right now you can see that the plants need some water, grass getting browner, the sky looks dry, very few clouds around, not much in the way of cooling breezes either. And very little to update on a weather blog! Would get a bit dull. Hot. Hot. Very hot. Scorchio. Hot.

The amazing weather can now be appreciated on 2 webcams that I have copied onto this blog - the easy answer to the question "what's the weather like now?".

Webcam at Karon Beach
Webcam at Surin Beach

It's a good time for scuba diving with calm seas, warm waters (normal water temp at this time of year 29 - 30°C). Dive shop has been busy. This is where you'll find me most of the time - Sunrise Divers, Karon Beach. I might even escape the office for some diving over the next couple of weeks!

I did get out last Thursday, which happened to be my birthday. A day in the sun leading to some nice red skin (but it's brown now). I went out on the Sky Water speedboat which belongs to Gilbert (Sunrise Diver's owner), along with Patrick (an Italian real estate developer) and his boat. The plan was to get some aerial photos made using the services of Helicam ( As it happens I know one of the owners of Helicam (Phil) who was the helicopter pilot for the days photography. A full account of the day will be on Jamie's Phuket soon! A few photos of the day.. we spent the day at Koh Rang Yai, a small island off the east coast of Phuket.

Helicam helicopter and the SkyWater speedboat

Helicam getting wakeboarding images

Speedboat, Wakeboarding and the Helicam (on Jamie's Phuket Blog)

It's nearly holiday time.. for the kids. They are doing end of year tests at school this week and then have the 2 month "summer" holiday - which coincides with the hottest time of year. Yes, it's going to get hotter. I think this year I might crack and install aircon in our living room. Blame global warming... which I will then contribute to. It's a two edged sword. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Did I mention it's hot in Phuket right now?

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