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Happy New Year - Songkran 2010

A quick Phuket weather blog update before heading out into the streets for a bit of Songkran fun. We'll be having a little Songkran party outside a friend's business located on the main street between Phuket Town and Patong. A BBQ, beers on ice and lots of water to throw violently at speeding motorbikes pour gently on people with a smile and a "Sawasdee Pee Mai", while trying not to get totally pissed.

Weather is HOT. We are back where we were in March - no rain for the last week, hot, hazy days, light winds. It's 10am on Songkran day as I write this, looks like it's going to be a roasting day today. Songkran should be a hot day, which is perfect for getting wet. Over the years we've tried to do various things on Songkran depending on our mood. Last year we drove around Patong in our pick up truck, joining many other families doing the same...

Family fun, Patong Beach, Songkran 2009

Songkran 2009 - Patong Beach

In 2008, we drove around in Phuket Town before heading home and letting the kids throw as much water as they liked...

My boy and me, Songkran 2008

Songkran 2008

In 2007, we first went to Mai Khao Beach for a local turtle release ceremony, then drove around the beaches - windows rolled up, we didn't have a pick up truck then :)

Baby turtle ready for release, Songkran 2007

Songkran 2007 fun for the kids

Songkran 2007

This year I think I'll leave the camera at home. Just have fun and not worry about blogging for a day :)

So, as I said... a HOT week, so what did I do on Friday? Decided to go cycling at Koh Yao Noi island. Been years since I did any kind of bike ride. It was hot, there were lots of drink stops and I cycled 30km, a great day out.

Cycling at Koh Yao Noi

Hard work at times, but very enjoyable - here's a picture of me on an offroad section through the rubber plantations:

Cycling at Koh Yao Noi

Happy New Year - Sawasdee Pee Mai from Phuket.

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