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Low Season Sunshine

You see? The rain never lasts that long. This time we really needed some rain and we got plenty for 5 or 6 days, but that's normal for the start of the low season, things can get a bit messed up while the winds are changing. So, we had our wet week. June 8th was the last day with rain - a huge downpour in the evening after a dry day. And the last 3 days - no rain at all. I am hoping the ground has dried out at Sapan Hin in Phuket town, I want to check out the Prison Products Fair this evening. It's been on all week - last 2 days are today and tomorrow.

I am re-reading an old book - Charles Darwin's Voyage of The Beagle. After enduring some wet and miserable days in Patagonia, the sun comes out and he writes "What difference does climate make in the enjoyment of life! How opposite are the sensations when viewing black mountains half-enveloped in clouds, and seeing another range through the light blue haze of a fine day!" - Amen to that Charles! (irony intended)

And of course it makes a difference if you come on holiday to Phuket. You want sunshine - except for one comment on my last weather blog post. An anonymous comment - Yay! I love the rain ... coming to Phuket during the rainy season in early July - hoping for some big storms! - Well, maybe you will be lucky :)

The winds are now blowing from the West/Southwest onto the beaches. Sometimes waves can be quite big. The ocean is not a paddling pool. Be careful. The red flags are flying, the red flags mean "Danger" - OK, sometimes in low season the sea is calm, but if you see waves, please consider using the hotel pool for a swim instead.

I took a quick wander on Karon Beach yesterday afternoon.

Red flags out:

Red flag at Karon Beach

Umbrellas folded:

Beach umbrellas at Karon Beach

Beach chairs pushed back out of the reach of any waves:

Beach chairs at Karon Beach

Yes, coming in the "off season" has some advantages - no crowds, much cheaper hotel prices (check Agoda for hotels), and as you can see, the weather is often pretty darn good. Now, just need this to continue at least one more day so I can enjoy a Sunday off. Possibly nursing a hangover. COME ON ENGLAND!

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