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The sun and the rain

We are having an odd low season so far, just that 5 or 6 days of wet weather at the start of the month, but last week was sunny most of the time, a bit in the night on Wednesday, but on the whole a very nice week to be in Phuket, good diving weather ( just spoke to a friend who was on the Phi Phi Overnight trip on Friday and Saturday, said it was great).. but they were lucky - now it's raining again. Sunday we had some morning rain, and today (Monday) it has been raining more or less all day. My rain gauge was reading 82mm this morning when I reset it, I think we may have had 100m since then. Wettest day since Noah launched the ark. I'll post the full monthly rain figures at the end of June. Sure to be some wet roads and minor floods around here and there - sure I will have some puddles to avoid on the way home today.

I hear the sound of rain falling in my ears
Washing away the weariness like tears
I can feel my troubles running down
Disappear into the silent sound.

Sunday was not TOO bad - there was some heavy rain as we dashed into a noodle shop for breakfast having dropped our son at school for football practice, but the rain only lasted 20 minutes and we decided to drive to the top of Radar Hill - which most people think is the highest point in Phuket.. it's not quite, as I found last year when I hiked to the highest point in Phuket), but certainly the highest road, as you can drive up to 500m above sea level.

We drove up into the clouds... views below looking through the clouds down to Patong, and across the hills to the Big Buddha. We enjoyed the fresh air and our daughter was amazed that we could be in the clouds!

View over Patong from Radar Hill

View looking towards the Big Buddha

She was also amazed by this scary insect (real size about 2 inches):

Scary insect on Radar Hill

Forecast: I'd say more rain tomorrow then getting brighter again. I'll be sure to post a nice sunny beach photo when that happens :)

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