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Typical low season weather - Not too bad!

Not too bad. A very English expression. If you ask an American "How you doing?" the reply is often "Great!".. An Aussie will say "Good, mate!".. English answer is "Not bad actually" .. like it's a surprise that things are going well, or maybe "going well" is too strong, but at least things are not bad. And that's the weather in a typical low season week in Phuket. Yes, sometimes, like last week, especially Monday, you can get some poor weather, but since Monday things improved, there has been some rain (I will summarize my June rainfall data at the end of the month), but also plenty of sun, and in fact I am sitting here with red raw shoulders having spent 90 minutes gardening yesterday. Gardening! Yes, what a fascinating and fun life in Phuket! Well, that's the thing - I am not on holiday here... Phuket is home, I work, kids go to school, we cut the grass, go shopping and drink coffee and watch TV. Thankfully sometimes there are interesting things to do.

Friday evening was the start of the 2nd Kathu village street culture festival. Kathu is the area where I live. The older parts of the village are Chinese influenced. Kathu was the center of the tin mining industry in Phuket and also where the Vegetarian Festival originated. The first Kathu festival was last August, quite a small affair. I took some photos - see here, and will do a write up soon on Jamie's Phuket about this years event which was bigger. On Friday the rain stayed away, and I walked around the village for an hour as the main street procession took place. A few photos.. You can see a Full Slideshow on Flickr. And now (July 1st) on Jamie's Phuket - Kathu Village Festival.


Last year I was the only foreigner watching the procession. This year I counted about 4 or 5 others.. it's a very local event. We went again on Saturday afternoon with the whole family. Saturday was a very hot, sunny day. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to Chalong Temple in the morning...

Chalong Temple

Sunday - sunny again, though there had been some light rain in the morning. The Kathu festival is on again this afternoon... last day. Weather looks good. Note that if I do not update this blog for a few days you can use the links on the left side for information - webcams, radar, satellite images, forecasts etc...

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