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July - looking good so far!

Maybe it's imaginary, but I do think that every low season follows a similar pattern, and this is backed up by the rainfall averages... Normally a bit of a spike in May (the 3rd wettest month of the year), then June and July which on average are not a huge amount wetter than November which is considered high season. Of course every year is different, especially in this day and age when mankind has messed with Mother Nature. Weather is hard to predict. Last year, May was extra wet, and June was super dry (see 2009 Phuket Rain Data), and this year, well, we had the driest May for more than 10 years, followed right away by the wettest June for more than 10 years!

But it's all calmed down now. From June 20th - July 2nd, rainfall total was about 360mm in 13 days. From July 3rd until today (9th) I have recorded just 4mm in 7 days! It's been a very nice, hot sunny week. I managed a slight sunburn again while gardening at the weekend and I have decided that I really must get out diving next week... if it stays sunny. You see, July once again is looking good.

Not been out with the camera much, but this weekend there are several things that I hope to make an effort to see - tomorrow morning (Saturday) starting 8:30am at Khao Phra Taew Park, near Ton Sai waterfall, organised by the Phuket Butterfly Garden. I have a feeling it will be interesting and I also have a feeling I will sleep late tomorrow! Well, this weekend there is also the Phuket Flower Fair, taking place at Sapan Hin, and I will go there.

This week, driving past an old building not far from our house, early morning, about 7:45am, taking my boy to school.. I have driven past the same building a thousand times but this week suddenly noticed how great it looked in the morning light, so the next day I stopped.

Mopeds passig Old building in Kathu, Phuket

This is a real relic. The area has a lot of history but this is just about the only large Sino-Portugese style house I have seen nearby. It's all boarded up now, I'd love to buy it! Can anyone lend me a few million Baht? (Full slideshow here on Flickr). Oh, and check that blue sky. Loving the low season as always!

Front of Old building in Kathu, Phuket

Forecast - sunny, please. Although, yes, we do need some more rain I guess.

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