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July she will fly

What? July nearly over? July has flown. Time has flown. I seem to have a 9 year old daughter now. Her birthday was yesterday. Weather was kind enough not to rain as my daughter and I took part in the "Phuket Photo Walk", part of a worldwide photo walk that encourages people to get out and snap their home towns. We gave her a little Sony Cybershot for her birthday. I did the walk last year - see here: Phuket Photo Walk 2009. Report and photos from yesterdays walk online now: Phuket Photo Walk 2010. Skies looked wet yesterday and indeed there was some light rain on our house as we headed to Phuket town at 9:30am, but the rain held off as we walked around. I treated a tired daughter to a tuk tuk ride at the end of the walk back to the Royal Phuket City Hotel. 60 Baht ride across old town... first time I have been in a tuk tuk for years! 60 Baht - great to know they are not all rip offs.. And the driver was friendly and smiling, so I gave him 100 Baht - in Patong it seems they won't move for less than 200! We then had heavy rain for about 15 minutes just after we got back to the hotel.

Update 27 July - I have uploaded photos to Flickr:

Phuket Photo Walk 2010

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The whole of the last week has been pretty dry, hardly any rain, a few showers. My rain gauge at home has measured about 6mm for the week. A dry July after a wet June. It has been a bit windy though. Karon beach looked very rough this morning though. I believe we are catching the very end of a tropical storm called Chanthu that hit parts of China very hard. Here in Phuket we don't get hit by such storms. As far as I know Phuket has never been hit by a typhoon, and in fact Thailand has only once been hit by one - which was Typhoon Gay in 1989 which hit Chumphon, my wife's home town - pretty bad, she says, her house was flooded out and the family all took shelter in an aunts house on the 2nd floor!

Well, anyway, tropical storm systems are big, so even hundreds of miles away you can get rain that is caused by such storms. Seems there was some heavy rain in the Gulf of Thailand this morning, probably due to the same cause - check the Koh Samui Weather blog. It's been raining here this morning too. The Wind Guru website is predicting a couple of wet and windy days before it all calms down later next week.

As I write this the skies have darkened. Midday but feels like evening. Looking at the Phuket weather radar, I can see a big band of rain heading in. And here it is! And there goes the electric! So, on battery power, this is Jamie reporting from Phuket!

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