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Phuket in July

I am a big fan of July. The weather always seems to be pretty good, and in fact this is shown clearly in the rainfall averages for Phuket. July is not much wetter than November and is drier than May, June, August, September and October. My family has been over from England a couple of times in July and we've never had a problem with the weather.. they are coming in September this year though!

And so far, over half way through the month, July 2010 has been nice too. A couple of wet days at the start, but since the last blog update a week ago, we have had several lovely sunny days and a few other days with some rain, but nothing that would ruin a day out. All in all, if you want a cheaper holiday to Phuket, then July is a good month to choose. Hotel prices are way down on high season, and while nobody can guarantee the weather, it's a good bet that you'll have plenty of sun.

I normally have one day off per week, which is usually Saturday. Much needed in low season... it's not that busy in the dive shop, we have some students on dive courses, but mostly my work is on websites, lots of fiddly things like updating schedules, adding new pages and new photos, analysing webstats to get clues on how to optimise the websites. I want to get all that work done, so that in high season, I have time for the customers. So if you come to see me in low season, I may look slightly bug-eyed from starting at a monitor!

Last Saturday I made an effort to get up early for the Phuket Butterfly Release and enjoyed the event - a very local affair, not many foreigners there. Weather was OK, thankfully no rain. Click the link above for more info and photos on my Phuket blog.

Butterfly after being released!

And then we took a drive with the family for lunch at a floating restaurant at Bang Rong on the east coast of Phuket. Always a friendly place, and very quiet, one of our favourite spots for a relaxing lunch...

view from restaurant at Bang Rong in Phuket

And now it's Saturday again! Week has whizzed by in a blur of html code. We have been up to Tonsai waterfall this morning, as we wanted a place where we could take a little walk. Some rain here and there today, but has been a nice day. We did a little walk on the nature trail but decided it was a bit wet on the path and we were only wearing flip flops, so we'll go there another time to do the whole trail.

Tonsai Waterfall

My dear wife in the jungle

Now Saturday 5pm. I see dark clouds to the west, though the sun is shining on our house right now. Will it rain? We don't care, we're off to the cinema to watch The Karate Kid :)

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