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August already

2010 is speeding past. 7 months down. And not just in Phuket... this phenomenon is happening all over the world except maybe in North Korea. It's August, high summer, or the month before autumn shows it's face. Well, not here in Phuket. Seasons are not like that here. Right now it's low season, aka the Southwest Monsoon season, so we have some wet days, but also lots of hot days. The week from the 25th to 29th July was kind of wet, but even so, did not seem too bad. I got a sad message on the Facebook group on the 30th from a visitor... "we are in Phuket now for 8 days and I never thought the weather would be so 'bad' as it is. We only saw the sun for 1 day. Is this normal?" - well, not normal really but you can have better weeks than others. If I look at my previous blog entry.... yes, it was a wet one! In fact in the 5 days from the 25th to 29th we had 111mm of rain out of a monthly total of 253mm. And then it got better, maybe too late for Brigitte who said they were lost... try reading this for things to do on a wet day : Things To Do in Phuket on a Rainy Day.

Since then, well the 31st was a dry day which was cool since it was my day off :) We had an easy day with lunch in the Central Festival mall, a spot of gardening and a slight sunburn in the afternoon sun and then too much meat and beer at a friend's house for a BBQ. I have been sans camera since Saturday, took my old EOS 20D to the Canon dealer to be sent away for sensor cleaning or maybe a new sensor. No camera! No photos! I feel lost! Also been "dry" for 4 days too. Will try to stay "dry" for the whole month.

When August days are hot an’ dry,
I won’t sit by an’ sigh or die,
I’ll get my bottle (on the sly)
And go ahead, and fish, and lie!

I like that little bit of poetry. It's by Paul Laurence Dunbar who was what you might call a breakthrough African American poet. He died age just 33 in 1906. I won't be goin' fishin' or takin' a bottle on the sly, but August has been kind so far, a few spatterings of evening rain and the last 2 days have been hot and sunny. See you in Phuket!

I know, a video.. by complete coincidence, or maybe some mental projection on the word "August" I have been listening to a CD in the car today called "August and Everything After" by Counting Crows. Great album. Song: Raining in Baltimore.

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