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September ... will it be a wet one?

August is done and dusted. And overall it was a dry month. Someone just left a comment on the last blog post saying they were in Phuket from 17th - 27th and it only rained twice during the day. According to my rainfall measurements, August had 12 completely dry days and another 8 days with only 1 or 2mm of rain. Total rainfall 165mm, of which half fell on just 2 days (46mm on the 13th and 38mm on the 23rd). The average for August is 317mm. So this year it's quite likely that holidaymakers in Phuket got a good deal in August! Good hotel prices and good weather!

So now it's September.. average rainfall for September is 377mm. The data I have shows October being wetter, though many websites show September as being the wettest month of the year. Have a look at the Phuket Rainfall Averages.

September... it just crossed my mind, that the name is not right. This is the 9th month, and septem is the Latin for number 7. Maybe I knew this one time and forgot, but the reason for this (and also October, November, December being based on octo (8), novem (9) and decem (10)) is that the early Roman calendar had only 10 months, starting with March (then called Martius). Now you know.. more about it here.

We were out and about last weekend. On Friday evening we'd noticed a little street fair in our area so went to have a look...

Thai Dance

Robotic Dancers

The evening was warm and dry. There was no rain on Friday or Saturday. More photos and information about that street fair here.

Saturday had some cloud around, looked like it might rain, or maybe did on some other part of the island. We drove for lunch at Bang Pae Seafood in the northeast of Phuket. I'd not been there for a couple of years but it was still good, and we'll go again soon. Actually we first planned to eat at the floating restaurant at Bang Rong, but found it was closed for Ramadan. The area is mostly Muslim. There is a colourful market here also on Saturdays which I'd like to visit to take some photos.

Boats leaving Bang Rong

(above) - Boats leaving Bang Rong. You can get a ferry from here to Koh Yao Noi island.

And (below) here's the view from our table at Bang Pae Seafood. The coast is mostly mangroves on the east side of Phuket. This restaurant is very peaceful.

Mangroves - View from Bang Pae Seafood

There has been a little rain the last few days, just a few showers here and there. Depends where you are exactly, as showers can be very isolated. Today (Thursday 2nd September) has started with some sun, though I can see some dark clouds too. Might get a shower later, but looks like a decent day. I have an extra day off work as we have some builders here doing some work around the house. We plan to head to the well known Tunk Ka cafe for lunch, on top of Rang Hill in Phuket Town. Not been for ages. My wife and I used to go a lot years ago. They do a very good ice coffee.

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