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Sunny Days, Rainy Nights

Well it's not such a wet September so far really. We're nearly half way through the month and I have measured about 150mm rain. Average for September is 372mm - see Phuket Rainfall Averages. Now, when you think about it, 150mm is actually quite a lot of rain. It's 15cm or about 6 inches of rain in 12 days so far.

I am from England and people always joke about Manchester being a wet place.. so I looked at the climate averages for Manchester and the wettest month is October with 86mm of rain. But back 'ome, the rain is not the same as here. In Phuket you often get sudden heavy downpours, compared to those drizzly grey skies of England. We've had way more rain than an average Manchester month, and yet it's not seemed too bad here.

There were a couple of wetter days last week, but the last few days the rain has fallen mostly in the night. Saturday was not too bad, in fact I got a top-up sunburn to add to the one I got a couple of weeks ago. My faithful rain gauge recorded 43mm of rain on Saturday night. It can rain all it wants at night. Sunday morning started wet and grey, enough that our son decided that football practice would be a bad move, and watching Ice Age 3 on DVD might be better.

And the rain has been falling straight down.. well, slightly to the side like.

(Hope the soundbite works)

Rain falling straight down means not much wind. And quelle surprise! No wind means no waves... must be a big surf contest around the corner. And there is!

Surfing is coming to Phuket

Seems to happen quite often. Surfing is popular in Phuket although waves are not huge - good for beginners and big enough for competitions, but I do recall heading to Kata Beach a couple of years ago and the waves were like ripples, yet somehow the surfers were surfing. No barrels here.

I've not been out and about with the camera much recently. This will change soon. Mum and Dad arrive tomorrow from Gatwick Airport via Kuala Lumpur. I'll be taking some holidays and taking photos. We are hoping for a drier than normal second half of September.

Today I stopped at Karon Beach. Very small waves. Red flags hanging limp. Very few people. Well, it was 9 o'clock. Bit early to be out in the sun. Better wait until midday when your white Euro flesh can be seared red in 30 minutes. Gotta go home with a tan. Got to be brown. Meanwhile, the Thais are trying to be white.

The first sunbather

Karon Beach 13th September

It's been a hot sunny day today. Tonight the insects chirp, the air is still. Tomorrow should be another hot sunny day. I mean, we do need some rain actually. Maybe it can wait until October, after my holidays.

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