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Tweeting the Rain

I had to ask. The last post on the blog asked Will it be a wet September? - looks like the answer is "Yes", which is not a surprise really since September and October are the wettest months of the year. I mean, it's not like someone suddenly turns on the hosepipe, every year is different and on average September is not much wetter than August, but this year August was quite dry, and you just know that sometime A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall.

The last 8 days of August (24th - 31st) had 13mm of rain. First 8 days of September.. if no more falls overnight... 91mm. No amazingly bad days, but lots of grey skies, not too much sunshine this week. September is a month when you should treat good weather as a bonus. BUT don't let the clouds and rain put you off. I do try to show on Jamie's Phuket that there is way more to Phuket than just blue skies and beaches. Last Thursday, bit of a cloudy, wet morning but no worries. I took a day off and we enjoyed lunch at Pak Nam Seafood and then an ice coffee at Tunk Ka Cafe which sits on Rang Hill in Phuket Town - we plan to have a dinner at Tunk Ka soon - my Mum and Dad will come to visit next week, so we're kind of hoping for more rain this week and less when they are here :)

View from Tunk Ka restaurant

With the average update on the weather blog being every 5 - 7 days, I do try to mention the weather on Twitter now and then. You can Follow me on Twitter to get weather news, other Phuket news and random tweets relating to anything I feel like tweeting. This last week, Tweets include:

"Monday. Raining."

"Wet day in Phuket. Stuck indoors? Nothing to do? Learn how to say "it's raining" in Thai here:"

And on Monday morning.. normally I drive the road from Chalong to Karon but I went via Patong instead. Should have gone the normal route and would have seen this bizarre accident. Slippery roads after a bit of rain. Slow down, please. The driver of this car was uninjured. Maybe a good job the car got stuck behind a pole and did not bounce off and hit another vehicle.

How the?.. photo by Phakawan

This morning started sunny and bright, I Tweeted "today is starting with the sun through my window." - and I Tweet the Truth...

Sun shining through my window at 8am today

Sun did not last, but a ray of sunshine after several cloudy days is almost as good as a thunderstorm after several scorching hot days. I enjoyed the sun through the window. And will enjoy tomorrow no matter what the weather may be.

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