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Don't Ask Me About the Weather!

The Phuket weather blog is a very useful resource for Phuket weather information. The blog has been running for 4 ½ years, so you have 4 ½ years of weather reports on this blog, easily found by using the "Phuket Weather Archives 2006 - 2010" link, top left of the page. Monthly reports, all done in my own style, with photos, places we've visited, news, rainfall figures... and also on the left of the page are links to many useful things like webcams, weather radar, satellite photos, wind predictions, several forecasts and much more. With the reports you can get an idea of what the weather was like, I have rainfall data going back 11 years too, and the webcams are great for showing the weather right NOW! But especially at this time of year, don't ask me what the weather will do tomorrow or next week!

The seasons are changing and it seems that if I update the weather blog and say "It's raining", you can guarantee next day will be sunny. If I update with "It's sunny", next day will be wet. So it is this week! The "low season" is ending, the winds are changing, and soon it will be (meteorologically) high season. The name "high season" does not mean "no rain" - November can often be quite wet, though December - February are on average very dry. Low season has plenty of sun too, ah it's all mixed up! Last update (24th October) was all sunshine... and then of course on the 26th and 27th it was quite wet. And then today (28th) sunny again. What can we deduce from this? Weather forecasting is a fools errand!

So, anyway, yes, the high season is coming. Worry ye not about the weather.

And now, the news.... The Phuket Vegetarian festival has just ended, you can find lots of photos on my Phuket Blog and on my Flickr Photos. Love this festival. And I am happy to say, someone found my photos and my blog and put them on a quite important website - - a news site with stories in French and English, and a section they call "Observateurs" / "Observers" with stories from contributors around the world. Well, someone at France 24 saw my blog and put up this story in French:

Festival végétarien de Phuket @

Merci Ségolène!

And next day it was all translated into English :)

Phuket's Bloody Vegetarian festival

Screenshot from France24 website

High season means I get busy, as manager of Sunrise Divers @ Karon Beach in Phuket. Low season we are not exactly swamped, there is less to do, but high season, some days are a blur! We sell liveaboards, PADI courses, day trips, overnight trips... anyone want to dive? Come to see me, I will be there every day except one day off at the weekend. My next holidays will be end of April! It started getting busy last week. Let's Dive!

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