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The Big Freeze! Not in Phuket!

It's almost all sun in Phuket now, though in the last week there has been a few spots of rain and some days that were quite cloudy. The only big rainfall was on Monday 22nd - I measured 42mm, but never noticed any rain as it all fell in the night. Rain in the night.. who cares! Next morning was bright and sunny, though I do recall a few drips in the afternoon.

What is this fear of rain? Why are so many people worried that "it might rain"? Will rain ruin your life? Wash away all happiness in the world? Please, people - please take note. Rain here in Phuket, when it does fall, is not like the rain you'd get in England or Norway or Canada. Why? Because it's warm. OK, you might not want to lie on the beach in the rain, but put up an umbrella and take a walk. Head to the Big Buddha, or a nice seafood restaurant (restaurants do have a roof you know), or a walk in old Phuket Town, or hire a car and take a drive around the coast to Kamala, Naithon and Nai Yang. Much of the time, the rain is light. There are really not many days in the year when the weather is SO bad that you can't do anything, even in the low season. My parents visited this year from September 14th to October 5th - statistically just about the wettest time of year. We were out doing stuff every day!.. Cue, the Beatles... If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads... they might as well be dead ...

Anyway, now it's high season, and sorry for no updates here for over a week, though you can follow me on Twitter for mini updates. Busy. Not busy enough for the boss, so I am putting in extra effort. Our dive shop, Sunrise Divers, is the place to look for diving at the Similan Islands, especially for Thailand diving liveaboards. Do come to our office and say hello! We're at Karon Beach - here's a Karon beach map. This is a good time of year - calm seas, hot, but not too hot. Great for anything out on the water.

Great for football too! On Saturday, I took my 5 year old boy to see his first live game. FC Phuket are in the playoffs with a chance of promotion to Division 1 of the Thai league. I went to one game before which I blogged (see Going to Watch the Football: FC Phuket). This game was in the evening against Bangkok FC, it had been a hot day on Saturday, blue skies all day. From our seat in the stadium we could see across the hills in southern Phuket to the Big Buddha. A few drops of rain fell in the second half, prompting mass panic among the supporters in the uncovered east stand. RAAAINN! HEEELLP! Rain lasted about 23 seconds, so everyone sat down again. Phuket won the game 2-0, my son wants to go again. You can see the goals here on Youtube. Next home game is December 19th against the co-leaders of the playoff group, Rayong.

Forecast. I think the Beatles said it best again. Getting Better All The Time...

And a final word - if you are planning a trip to Phuket, I suggest looking at Agoda for hotels in Phuket. Very easy to use website, guaranteed best rates they say and there is a rewards scheme for repeat bookings and so on. Have a look.

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