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Blue Skies, but thanks for the rain

Sorry for not doing super regular updates here but at this time of year it would become an endless list of "sunny, hot"; "warm and sunny"; "nice day" etc... This blog tends to summarise the weather we've had, but there are many ways to get a good idea of the current weather - check the links on the left of the page. I suggest skipping all weather forecasts online, they are all rubbish, with the exception of Windguru, although that's more useful for wind and wave forecasts - we dive shops look at it, as we don't want big waves, but a bit of rain never hurts :)

And so long as it's during local daylight hours (thats about 6am - 6pm, and we are GMT + 7) - you can check the webcam at Karon Beach.

And then you have Twitter - I do post mini updates on the weather, as well as news, comments, Phuket related links etc... Please do follow me - Jamie on Twitter :)

It's now 100% high season - wind blowing lightly from the Northeast, fluffy clouds, blue skies ... and some evening thunder. It's rumbling around now as I sit here, 8pm - same yesterday, and on Thursday last week we had some heavy nighttime rain, but blue skies all day :) I really should stop and take a blue sky photo at the beach tomorrow... or you can just check that webcam :)

Weather is now officially great for diving - come and see me at Sunrise Divers in Phuket! In fact, weather is great for just about anything, but things do seem a bit quiet in Phuket. I don't think it's my imagination. It's not busy enough. Come on, you lot! Get over here!

Yesterday was Loy Krathong, an important Thai festival giving thanks to the goddess of the water (thanks for the rain!), and also casting adrift bad luck. A few years ago I wrote on Jamie's Phuket about Making the Krathong out of banana stalk, leaves and adding candles, incense, flowers and cuttings of family hair and nails - the idea of that being to cast off your bad luck and bad feelings. We sometimes head to the main celebrations in Phuket which are held in Phuket Town, at Patong and Karon Beaches and other places. We took our krathong to float in the sea at one of our favourite restaurants (The Beach Bar).

We got there just after sunset ...

Sunset 21st November

And floated our krathongs in the water with some friends ...

Loy Krathong

Forecast - hot and sunny. Yes, it's high season.

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