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Updating the Phuket weather blog in the low season is more interesting than high season. In an average February, a daily update would be "Hot, sunny" followed next day by "Sunny, hot" for a bit of variety. But this time of year now, when the southwest winds are turning into northeast winds, is more interesting. Actually the season is changing late, normally you'd expect NE winds by the end of October, maybe as early as the middle of October. We've had some odd weather recently, though we missed the floods that hit other parts of south Thailand.

My last update was 6 days ago, and I figured high season had arrived already, we had some nice days, no rain for 4 -5 days in a row, winds were light.. My main excitement last week was renewing my work permit. Spent ages getting all the paperwork together, headed to the work permit renewals office where of course.. one photocopy was not clear enough and the boss had not initialed a correction on one form. OK, no problem, see you again tomorrow! I always allow at least a day before the actual expiry date, as there is always some small error in the paperwork.

And just when I thought the weather was sweet - Thursday and Friday were WET WET WET. In those 2 days, I measured 145mm rain. It was steady rain, pretty much non stop, nothing heavy, so there was no flooding or anything, but certainly no sunshine either! Is that a lot - 145mm.... well compare to a place back home that everyone considers wet - Manchester. Have a look at the weather averages for Manchester ... highest average monthly rainfall is 86mm for October. We got 80mm in ONE day on Friday! So am I saying the weather in Manchester is better than Phuket? Get the Phuk outa here!

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So, after 2 very wet days, Saturday was very nice! Not perfect blue skies but certainly nice enough for an afternoon and evening at the beach with friends while all our kids played in the sea and covered themselves in sand. A very nice evening.

Evening at the Beach

And today - started with clear blue skies, perfect morning, hardly any wind, has been a bit of rain in the late afternoon, but only a light shower. The forecast on Windguru looks good, winds dying down to nothing, flat calm seas next week. I think I might even go diving!

Non weather related - on Saturday I was on TV - had already published a story using my photos from the vegetarian festival - last week I did a little interview via webcam and this was aired on Saturday - see here! :)

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