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Christmas in Phuket

I think high season really is here now. No rain for quite a few days, winds now certainly from the Northeast, hot days, cooler nights (cool in Phuket meaning 24 degrees C), and certainly high season for scuba diving, a very busy week at Sunrise Divers PADI Dive Shop. Thanks to those who are here, and hope to see more visitors. The season is a bit slow, thanks in part to poor exchange rates, the deaths earlier this year in Bangkok during the "redshirt" demonstrations, maybe some problems with people getting here due to the terrible cold weather in Europe... but I say - COME! And read my Phuket Blog before you get here :)

At the weekend, for 3 evenings in Phuket Town, the Phuket Street Show was taking place. I was not sure what to expect. We all went on Saturday when I had a day out of the dive shop, though my wife took the kids on Friday and Sunday too! I have posted a set of photos on Flickr : Phuket Street Show. Weather was warm. A few light drops of rain fell in the evening, but only the lightest of drizzle.

Thalang Road Phuket

Photo above - Thalang Road in old Phuket Town, where the festival was taking place.

A little rain

Above - a few drips of rain.. some people ran for cover... when the rain comes, they run and hide their heads.

The last few days have been a blur... this is always a busy time of year. I am working until 7pm every day this week. Kids are at school, but they get a holiday starting tomorrow until after New Year. Our dive shop is closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day so we can have a couple of family/hangover days.

Karon Beach, 22nd December

Photo above - I stopped on the way to work at the northern end of Karon Beach. The water was lovely - clear and blue. Perfect.

Looks like the real high season weather is here. See you soon!

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