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I am still not sure I "get" how to use Twitter, but find that I tend to keep a tab open all day. Breaking news always hits Twitter before any news website, plus people post photos, amusing comments, and many of the people I follow are in Thailand, so it's good for keeping up with Thai news, events, weather... I lack the time to keep updating this weather blog every day, but with Twitter I can post mini weather updates pretty much every day along with other stuff that I find interesting and other people may find interesting too!

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The weather recently has been so up and down, very odd for December, this will maybe be the wettest December for years, the little storm last weekend that I reported in the last blog update was very weird, we should not get west winds in December. But after the weekend things settled down. By Tuesday, I was absolutely convinced that the real high season weather had arrived in Phuket. I Tweeted a couple of photos via a related program called Twitpic - here and here.

Above - boats at Chalong Bay, Phuket, 14th December.

Yes, looked like Phuket was going to be sunny, sunny, sunny. Wednesdays first Tweet: "Another beautiful sunny day here in Phuket.".. and on Thursday: "And it's another perfect sunny morning in Phuket. Please let this continue into the weekend." - A guy who Tweets under the name MrScottEddy posted a photo here showing Karon Beach and blue skies. Today started bright but I was on Twitter at 10:30am saying "HEY! Who ordered rain? Not impressed! This is HIGH season in Phuket, rain is not allowed". Yep, rained again... though I noted this evening that my home rain gauge still said zero, so it was local rain only. Afternoon was grey and around 4:15pm I was sure it was 6pm, outside looked gloomy.

Hopeful for a nice weekend, hope so since tomorrow evening I want to head to old Phuket Town for something called the Phuket Street Show, like a street fair with stages set up along Thalang Road for performers from all over the world doing acrobatics, juggling, magic, I don't know what else! I hope to get some photos and write about the event on my Phuket Blog. Oh, Patong Carnival is on too, good if you like lots of over the top dancing ladyboys.

Nearly Christmas. We don't really do it here in Thailand. We'll have a tree in our house, kids will get presents, but there will be no Xmas pud or carols on the radio or snow. The kids school is off from 24th until after New Year, though. Lucky them! I expect to continue being busy at the dive shop, we've had a good December so far. Want to dive? Come to see me at Sunrise Divers! Thanks to everyone who has booked diving with us!

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