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Tis the season to be busy

Let me start by saying Happy Birthday to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand, 83 today. The King's birthday is a public holiday. From my window this evening I saw a great firework display. Some of the bangs were incredibly loud and echoed around the hills. Hopefully enough to scare off evil spirits and make for a lucky year. Things have been a little quiet on the tourist front so far this high season, the Baht is strong, exchange rates for many visitors not good, plus there was all that trouble in Bangkok earlier in the year (though nothing happened in Phuket) and recent flooding in many areas... though again, not in Phuket.

This last week has been busier, at Sunrise Divers (where I work) we've had students, day trippers and lots of guests heading out on liveaboard dive trips to the Similan islands and beyond. Our gear room today was all but empty which must mean lots of people are out diving! Many reports of Manta rays at different dive sites, and one regular customer told me today that the visibility is very good right now at the Similan islands. Let's dive!

Weather this week - well, there's not been much to report here. Some sun, some cloud.... very little rain. I have measured 8mm of rainfall in the last 5 days. I Tweeted yesterday "Phuket weather today ... none. No wind, no sun, no rain, sky is a uniform light grey. Today is a weather free day.". That sums it up. Meanwhile in England ...

Rail tracks in my home town.. well, the town where I used to live and was born. I reckon after 11 years I can say "I'm from Phuket" now.

Tis the season to be busy  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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