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Hot days and wet nights

The odd weather continues. If you are Brazilian or Australian, you don't need me to tell you that. Extreme weather is all over the globe .. we don't get "extreme" weather here in Phuket. We missed the bad flooding last year in November, and in case you don't know - Thailand has only ever once been hit by a Typhoon strength storm, which was Typhoon Gay in 1989 - my wife knows all about that, as her home town of Chumphon was hit hardest. But anyway ... it's January! High season - weather generally very very good, days have been hot and sunny, but we have had some rain in the night - I measured 50mm on Thursday 13th - but the sky was all blue on Friday morning. This January is already wetter than average, though .. rain in the night? Who cares!? January 2010 was the wettest for at least 10 years, maybe we can beat it!

The last update on the Phuket weather blog was 6 days ago. Our son had his 6th birthday 5 days ago. Happy Birthday, son. Got to be a lucky day, 11-1-11. Poor lamb had a fever and missed 2 days of school this week. Meanwhile, at Sunrise Divers here in Phuket, it has been a very busy week. It has calmed down a bit this weekend, but during the week, I can tell you the sun was shining outside, but I was risking RSI by bashing away at the keyboard. Most of our bookings are made online, so I live next to the computer :)

Weather has not all been perfect. We have had some odd winds, which made for waves at the beaches on Friday. Please, please, please... look at the sea before you "go for a paddle". A swimming pool is for swimming. I will swim in the sea if it looks like a swimming pool. 2 people drowned on Friday at Karon Beach (see Phuket Gazette). I wrote about this in the low season - Please don't drown on your holiday. This is not Baywatch... David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bouncing Tits are not coming to save you. Big waves? Stay out of the water. Please.

High season - I get one day off - normally on Saturday. This Saturday (15th) while our daughter had her first Girl Guides Camp... my wife and I and the boy took a little walk at Kathu Waterfall. The stairs up to the falls and through the jungle have recently had a paint job. Worth a look if there has been some rain, follow the path up the hill and you see a series of small waterfalls.. don't expect Niagara, but do expect a hot sweaty walk in the tropical green forest :)

This was the sky over our house on Saturday morning :

Sky over Phuket, 15th January 2011

And a photo at Kathu Waterfall...

Kathu Waterfall, Phuket

I just blogged about the Peang Prai restaurant on Jamie's Phuket - this was where we ate last Saturday. The next restaurant on the blog will be Krua Maireab, a small place not far from Kathu Waterfall. A friend of ours runs it, and we have eaten there countless times. No fancy food, but always tasty! We have just eaten there again this evening (Sunday). My favourite food at the moment is "Nam Prik Gung Siap" - a spicy dish made from shrimp paste, chilis, dried shrimp, lime juice, shredded mango, a touch of sugar ... eaten with boiled veg and omelette. Aroy Mak!

Nam Prik Gung Siap

Today (Sunday) has been a hot sunny day again, and the night is (so far) cool, I don't feel any rain coming tonight. High season nights should be cool and clear. Ready for another week... forecast: Sun, and lots of it!

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