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Welcome to 2011 - Great weather so far!

Happy New Year everyone! Quick review of 2011 so far... sunny. Perfect weather for the first 3 days of the year, and as I write this at 8am, looks like January 4th will be perfect too. Just as it should be. January and February are the driest months on average, a very good time to be in Phuket. We're hoping for some consistent hot, dry weather after a wetter-than-normal December.

Although this is a very busy time of year for tourism, we closed our Phuket dive shop on 1st and 2nd January. Reason being that pretty much everything was fully booked anyway, so we took the opportunity to have a rest. Most people need a rest on January 1st. Phuket celebrates New Year several times per year.. we have another one in February (Chinese New Year) and another in April (Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year). We took it easy on January 1st, took a little drive in the afternoon for a drink at Tunk Ka Cafe on top of Rang Hill. Here's the view ...

Tunk Ka Cafe

And (nothing to do with the weather, but I like the photo) here are some roots... this tree is on Rang Hill:


We ended the day at The Beach Bar, one of our favourite hangouts, on the west side of Cape Panwa with views across Chalong Bay. We took the long way round, stopping first near Phuket Aquarium for a little walk along the seafront. What a glorious sunny afternoon!

View from Cape Panwa

And then down at the beach.. photo below was taken by our daughter. A romantic stroll on the beach before dinner. The Beach Bar is a very un-fancy place, perfect for us. I like to sit and watch the sunset, drink a couple of cold beers, and let the kids play happily and safely without crowds, jet skis, hawkers, lines of beach chairs etc.. Yes, this is Phuket too:

A walk on the beach

On January 2nd we had a BBQ with friends at Layan Beach (just north of Bang Tao Beach). Another very quiet spot. I had not been for ages, did not take my camera, but it still looks pretty much the same as the photo below taken in 2007 .. and the weather was just about the same too!

Layan Beach

2011 is here... I just blogged on Jamie's Phuket - Best of the Blog 2010, a good place to start if looking for ideas of things to do in Phuket. Hope I can find plenty more things of interest to blog in 2011. In the meantime, hope to see you in Phuket ... a few links I suggest :

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