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What happened to January?

The last week seems to have passed in a flash, or at least, in less than a week. I thought that I'd updated the weather blog just a few days ago, but actually it was a whole week ago. The week is somewhat of a blur, a "normal" week - can be hard to grasp, you'd think living in Phuket was some kind of dreamworld of beaches and tropical drinks, I have to remember sometimes where I am living. A normal week here is like a normal week for anyone, a mix of waking up early, getting kids to school, going to work .... while each day has it's little joys, don't imagine this Phuket blogger to be relaxing on the beach every day! Certainly not in high season with a dive shop to run... Now last weekend on the 22nd ( as I blogged on the 23rd) I did have a very nice sunny day off with perfect weather in the evening. Yep, only one day off per week in the high season.

The last 7 days the weather has mostly been very nice too, although we did have some evening or afternoon rain a few days, just short showers. January is normally a dry month, only February is drier on average. January 2011 looks like having less rain in total than 2010, which was the wettest in at least 10 years. it only takes a couple of big evening thunderstorms to beat the January average of 40mm.

I didn't touch the camera all week. Wish I had more time for taking photos - want to try to find time for some photo shoots this coming week, like an early morning trip to the big market in Phuket town, plus the annual Chalong Temple Fair starts in a few days - well, officially starts on Feb 3rd, but unofficially it has started already - best to visit in the evenings. Also, it's Chinese New Year on February 3rd .. and (advance warning) the Phuket Old Town festival is on from 8th - 10th February.

All in all, a good time to be here in Phuket! Well, any time is a good time to be here if you ask me. I chose to live here, chose to put down roots. Phuket is a great place to live, a great place to visit. Yes, it has its bad points, easily avoided. I started my Phuket Blog nearly 5 years ago and still update about once per week, things to do, restaurants, hotels, and I still try to concentrate on the Phuket that I know, slightly off the beaten track, away from the main beaches. Just to show that Phuket has more to offer.

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