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February in Phuket - The dry season

It's February in Phuket, and probably February everywhere else too. In Phuket, this means the weather is just about perfect. Not as hot as it will be in March and April, plus February is the driest month of the year (see Phuket Rain Averages) and so far the month has been dry. My faithful rain gauge has measured 1mm, a few drops have fallen, but again February looks like being the best month to be in Phuket. Nights are cool (around 23 - 25 degrees C), daytime around 30 - 31 degrees C. See you here! Book a hotel now.... see my recommended Phuket hotels and where to book online.

This kind of weather means there is very little to report. Summary of the last week: "Nice". Was not so nice in Australia, where they were just getting over the floods that happened in December and January, and then along came Cyclone Yasi which has smashed up parts of the North Queensland coast and has dumped more rain inland. Meanwhile much of the USA has had very cold weather. Here in Phuket, people may moan about a bit of rain sometimes, or that it's too hot in April, but we just don't get any severe weather here.

I have been busy working all week - if you want to dive, contact me : Diving Phuket with Sunrise Divers! I was on the "late shift", leaving the shop at 7pm. High season can be quite tiring. I had planned to take some photos of Chinese New Year celebrations on 3rd February, but felt too tired (= lazy). Also, the Chalong Temple Fair is now on, continues through this week, and I will stop off there one evening on the way home - early shift this week, can go home at 6pm, which makes a world of difference. Only 1 hour, but at 6pm it's still light (sunset is about 6:30pm) - which makes a big psychological difference. By 7pm, it's dark, so feels much later.

Monday today - has started cool, sky is clear, going to be another beautiful day. Already looking very nice at the beach - see the Karon Beach Webcam.

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