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Low season not here yet!

Well, I though the proper low season had arrived last week, with the winds blowing from the South West, some fair waves at the beach, red flags flying to warn people about the dangers of going for a holiday paddle in big waves... But no... today I was surprised to see wind blowing (lightly) from the East, and the weather was more like a hot humid April day. Sunny morning and some rain in the early evening. A carbon copy of May 11th when I last updated the weather blog. That was also a sunny morning with rain in the evening - only 13mm measured at my house, just a light shower. So far in May (17 days) we've had just 85mm of rain total. The monthly average is 265mm. So, rather like April, it's looking like a dry month - helping to make up for the drenching we had in March!

Yes it's been a few days since the last update, but if you Follow Me on Twitter I tend to comment on the weather almost daily or maybe several times per day if the weather is being spectacular or if the weather is changing like it does at this time of year. Can change from sun to rain and back to sun in 10 minutes! A few example Tweets from the last week ...

12th May "Looks like it's going to be another sunny/cloudy/rainy/sunny day in Phuket!"

13th May "It's a nice sunny low season morning here in Phuket. Some cloud, still a bit rough at the beach"

14th May "Good morning from a "partly cloudy" Phuket. Or should that be "partly sunny"? Anyway, a quite pleasant morning."

15th May "Very nice sunny morning in Phuket. Gotta love the low season!"

16th May "Nice nice nice afternoon @ Karon Beach"

Get the idea... looks like it was a nice week in Phuket! Got my camera out the last couple of days to snap a few photos at lunchtime - had plans for some evening photos today at a temple, since its Visakha Bucha day... but by 6pm it was grey and wet. Here are a few snaps from yesterday and today...

Just outside Sunrise Divers (where I work) is a small Chinese shrine.

Chinese Shrine

And just outside the shrine, a flower was posing for a photo...


A guesthouse across the street, no guests at the moment.

Low Season Guesthouse

A beach vendor walking on Karon Beach:

Beach Vendor

Local taxi driver lazing in a hammock waiting for a fare. Low season.

Lazy Days

See you in Phuket soon! By the way ... yes I have suddenly decided that I like Black and White photos. Was reading some websites about "Street Photography" such as Eric Kim and Joe Wigfall - and they seem to shoot mostly in Black and White. I don't have as much time for photos as I'd like but have realised that a little lunchtime walk or some snaps before work... it's possible. Anyway, so apparently 21st May is the end of the world or something, so I won't be updating the blog again.

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