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Let's start this Phuket weather blog update where we left off last week.. I updated on Monday morning, 6th June.. and said "Today is Monday, looks like it will be a sunny, hot day." - It was a nice hot day. Hey, this is low season. I am often amused by people's fear of rain. NO! You can't go to Phuket in the rainy season! It's raining! I think we need to realise that it can also rain in the high season. In 2009, December was wetter than June. In 2005, November was the wettest month of the year. Hey, you never can tell. Averages are averages. Phuket does not get much in the way of really bad weather. You can be unlucky. Holidays can be damp.. but read on ...

After Monday, my faithful rain gauge at home measured 1mm of rain in the next 4 days. June is like a box of chocolates. June is like a woman maybe ... lots of mood swings .. the last 5 years rainfall in June read like this (mm rain/month): 457, 175, 312, 50, 538. An especially violent mood swing in the last 2 years from 2009 when June was the 3rd driest month of the year, to last year when June was the wettest month of the year!

At this time of year you need sunscreen and a small umbrella. Rain showers come and go quicker than you can moan about them. Actually the end of last week was more a mix of cloud and sun.. not much rain at all. It's also not windy right now, so trips on the water are nice. I reckon I might get another day's diving in this coming week.

Weekend! Saturday was a totally typical low season day. You have to see the cup as half full. Sunny here, dark clouds over there. Let's go out! We spent half a day at the Splash Jungle Waterpark. It's Phuket's only big waterpark, but is not very busy. And the reason - location. It's found at the West Sands resort just north of the airport, could be an hour to drive there from the main beaches. My first time there, though the family had been once before. Entry not that cheap but we paid membership, useful for local residents. I love to see my kids having fun.

Weather was sunny and rainy. Lots of sun, I got red skin , kids got red faces. A fun family day despite some showers of rain. More about Splash Jungle on Jamie's Phuket: Splash Jungle Waterpark. A few photos ....

Splash Jungle Waterpark Phuket

Splash Jungle Waterpark Phuket

Splash Jungle Waterslide

The photos show the sun... because I put the camera away in the rain.. A bit of rain is no bother when you are already wet in a waterpark! Finally though after a few hours, a big band of rain whipped in from the west and we headed home. You don't need sun all day to enjoy life!

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