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Sunshine, Showers and Waves

It's looking like a dry June so far. Had a couple of wetter days, and for sure you can't expect cloudless skies at this time of year, but the last week has been mostly warm and sunny. The water level in my lotus bowl outside the house is low. You know that rainy season is not so rainy when you have to water the garden! I've only measured about 30mm of rain in the last week. Sure there may have been isolated showers here and there. One day last week it rained pretty hard at Karon Beach for an hour, but at home near Phuket Town no rain fell.

So.. the weather is decent, you are on a "beach holiday", Phuket has nice beaches and the sea is warm and inviting, the sun is out .. yes, the sea is not calm, but what can possibly happen? I mean, you're on holiday! It's Phuket! Look, most Phuket holidays are sold as BEACH holidays, as if Phuket has nothing else to offer. The beaches are the selling point, along with the smiles and the food and the authentic Asian experience...

I just want to say - be careful! At this time of year, the sun may shine, the sky may be blue, but look out for big waves at the beaches. I already wrote the same thing 1 year ago in June 2010: Please Don't Drown in Phuket!. Every year there are drownings at the beaches. There are normally red flags flying, and every year people ignore the flags.

So last week, we had this in the local news:

Russian honeymoon tourist in Phuket dies after dangerous surf rescue

First victim of this years big waves. This happened at Naithon beach in the north of Phuket. Even with lifeguards on duty, and one of them nearly died trying to rescue the victim. Big waves are NOT for swimming in, please take note, please pay attention to red flags and lifeguards who are saying "Don't Swim". Maybe there should be more signs, written in 20 different languages, but surely, honestly, really - look at the ocean, notice the red flags and think "Hmm, maybe I'll just toast myself for a while and then go for a dip in the hotel pool". Hey people, I am a dive instructor, I am not scared of the water, but on some low season days, you couldn't pay me to go swimming off the beach. Am I being clear enough? It can be dangerous. It can be very dangerous!

And look at all the other things you can do in Phuket! Sure, go and lie in the sun for a few hours. Then, head back to your hotel for a swim. Most hotels have a pool, and in low season the hotel prices are crazy. You can book a place in Karon Beach, maybe 1 or 2 minutes walk from the beach, for like 1000 Baht (30 US$ / 20 GBP / 25 Euro) per night - check for best rates - so you can get a nice place with a pool for less than a bed and breakfast in England, no excuse for not using the pool! See big waves at the beach? Don't swim. Got it?

Spend your days exploring Phuket - have a look at my Jamie's Phuket blog for ideas such as a tour of Phang Nga Bay, a day trip to Koh Yao Noi, go and explore Old Phuket Town, go Scuba Diving, check out some of the great views in Phuket, do the Phuket Fantasea show, visit the Aquarium, go and see the Big Buddha, go Elephant Trekking, enjoy some great restaurants, visit the Weekend Market... the choices are almost endless. No need to risk your life in big waves. Come to Phuket, but please be careful!

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