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Better than high season!

Everyone has been wondering this week - where's the low season? Weather is absolutely perfect. The days are very much like December or January - cool nights, clear skies, hot days, hardly any wind. I mean, I tend to be optimistic and tell people all the time that low season in Phuket is OK.. but the current weather is better than you'd expect. Normal low season weather will include some rain, some wind, some very nice days. You have to take the rough with the smooth. Not this week!

June was already pretty nice with lots of sunny days and rain falling mostly at night. I was surprised to add up the monthly rainfall and get a figure of 237mm for June, which is actually slightly more than average. June had seemed very nice to me! In fact a large amount of that total fell on just 2 days (91mm on June 1st, 53mm on the 28th). See - averages and totals don't tell the whole story.

I have been for little walks every morning this week. On Monday I stopped at Chalong Bay where most of the speedboats, dive boats, fishing charters and snorkel tours depart from. Perfect Monday morning :

Chalong Bay, Phuket

On Tuesday I was at Bang Wad Reservoir and took a walk along the dam. A good little bit of morning exercise, from one end to the other and back is about 1.5km. Another perfect sunny morning.

Bang Wad Reservoir, Phuket

Back at the reservoir yesterday for a walk. Even better weather, if that's possible. Hardly a breath of wind to disturb the waters. A great place for a quiet morning walk and some fresh air.

Bang Wad Reservoir Phuket

A dragonfly sat still for a moment on a blade of grass...


Reflections in the reservoir...


Today (Thursday) - another perfect morning. I am taking a day off work today. Vague plan for my wife and I to "go somewhere" and then "go somewhere nice for lunch". I do like vague plans. Hate to fix things in stone. Have a nice day everyone!

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