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A quick summary of July 2011 weather in Phuket - A mixed bag, but actually that's really typical of the low season. July is never that bad really. The total rainfall was 282mm (measured at my house) compared to an average of 223mm - so in terms of rainfall, wetter than average, BUT there were 19 days with no rain. And some long sunny periods - from 3rd - 10th July, no rain (See better than high season), then pretty wet from 11th - 15th, and then dry again from 16th - 22nd, then a wetter end to the month, but no rain at all since the 29th July.

Anyway, as I say again, the word "rain" should not put people off, there might just be 1 hour of rain in an otherwise warm sunny day. The weather is just not that bad. Only problem really in low season is the waves at the beaches. A couple more people drowned this last month at Karon Beach, both after going for a swim on a red-flagged beach after sunset. In big waves. Please, if you are reading this and coming to Phuket, look at the sea and think first. See a red flag? That means "no swimming". See a lifeguard telling you not to swim? Listen to him. Please don't drown in Phuket.

Bloody hot day today, a bit hazy - indeed foggy - Phuket Gazette has a story here. It says "The fog was caused by a decrease in air pressure and temperature and an increase in humidity coupled with intermittent rains, causing the air to sink". Been hot the last few days and the winds have died down too. Very nice weather. Very nice.

Now, last week, there was a tropical storm called Nok-Ten which had caused loss of life in the Philippines due to heavy rain. The storm was then heading slowly west towards Vietnam. I was following the storm on the excellent Tropical Storm Risk website, and could see that it was not heading in our direction. So I was surprised to see the following headline on the Phuket Wan website on 29th July:

Phuket Weather Alert: Killer Storm 'Heading This Way'

The 'story' is here. Well, I saw this and right away left a comment saying what I thought of the headline - misleading, inaccurate, sensationalist - and added a link to the Tropical Storm Risk website which clearly showed no risk to Phuket. The editor of Phuket Wan is never wrong, so my comment was not shown, only a rebuttal to my (unshown) comment by the ever sarcastic and always correct editor. And of course, the storm did not come here of have any effect anywhere near here. And of course I had to answer several emails from people who had seen this idiotic headline and were worried. The Phuket Wan website sometimes has great breaking news, but sometimes is just way off, and the editor just will not back down or admit to being incorrect. In this case the headline was totally unjustified, quite ridiculous. At the time of posting the 'story' the storm was near Hainan island (China) - thats about 2,000km from Phuket. Be careful what you believe!

And hey, it's not just Phuket Wan.. the Phuket Gazette had a great story recently with the headline 47 injured as ‘Phuket express’ train slams into truck - OK, so.... there are no trains to Phuket.. the nearest train station is at Surat Thani, over 200km from Phuket.. and the train crash happened at Ratchaburi, which is just outside Bangkok, about 800km from Phuket. And yet, somehow this train was called the Phuket Express! Yeh, maybe this beats Phuket Wan for dumbass headline of the year.

So, no rain since the 29th, which was when the 'KILLER STORM' was heading our way. Sunny and a bit hazy. Today started really nice and fresh with clear skies but that fog has come in. I am Tweeting comments on the weather almost every day, please do Follow me on Twitter. The weather was so nice this morning that I was surprised to see yet another warning on the ever-accurate Phuket Wan website. See here : Phuket Storm Warning. It said "A severe weather warning has been issued for Phuket and Phang Nga on Tuesday, with waves of up to three metres expected." - I looked out the window again.. then checked the wind forecast - calm, and the Thai Meteorological Department website for confirmation of the warning - none, and the satellite picture - clear skies near Phuket. I left a comment on the article. Not published by the editor. There were no nasty words, but .. the editor is never wrong. And I doubted Him. (deliberate sarcastic use of capital H)

There HAS been a lot of rain in parts of Northern Thailand in the last few days due to the remnants of Nock-Ten - floods in some places. I had someone contact me today asking about the floods in Phuket. Geography lesson. The affected area in the North of Thailand is about 1,500km from Phuket.

Current weather now, after 9pm on Tuesday - HOT, the foggy air makes for a warm night. Forecast for tomorrow, well, if you see a storm warning in Phuket Wan, I am not saying ignore it.... but do check other sources first. I reckon tomorrow will be hot and sunny. I might just dash to the beach after work for some photos of the nice hot sunny weather or a pretty sunset. Get it while you can, before the next rainy spell comes in. That's what low season is all about.

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