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And Wet Again ... And Sunny Again!

In the low season (now) I do wish I had the time to update this Phuket weather blog daily, because you never know what the weather is going to do. If I write about a week of rain, whaddaya know.. we get a week of sun starting next day. Now last week was pretty sunny, I paid a nice evening visit to the Karon Temple Market last Tuesday, which had been a lovely sunny day. It did rain a bit in the night, but next morning I Tweeted "it's another absolutely gorgeous morning".. this continued into Thursday, another hot day, a few drips of rain in the night. Friday (9th September) was even hotter, and it was a day spent at home cleaning the house. We'd had a builder in for over a week, and everything was dusty, inside and outside. Spent a couple of hours outdoors and got a nice touch of sunburn on my back. And it was one of those incredible days when I was so busy actually doing real things that I did not turn on the computer all day. No Facebook, no blog, no Twitter.. for a whole day! Too busy to go anywhere and take photos too!

And then .. all change! The weekend came with rain. Saturday started wet, and the sun did not come out all day. The evening was just about dry enough for us to take a walk to the nearby street fair in Kathu (in the "Ket Ho" area). I did not take a camera, as I really thought it would rain.. some photos of the same street fair last year are on the Phuket blog: Kathu Street Fair 2010. Should have taken the camera because the next night (Sunday) really was very wet, and we had no chance to visit the fair, in fact I don't suppose many people did! Sunday was wetter than Saturday. And windy. The wind was very gusty. It howled around our house and I did not sleep too well!

Anyway, Monday started wet but got better. Dive trips had been cancelled based on Sunday's weather, and certainly the morning justified that. By Monday evening, the winds had gone, and YES! Today (Tuesday) the morning was slightly misty, but it was clear the mist would clear. It did. Beautiful morning. I took a detour to work via Chalong Bay. I drove down the road past the zoo to Parlai Seafood restaurant by the water. Realised we have not eaten here for years. Looks nice. Will go soon.

Chalong Bay is a different side of Phuket. By the sea but without endless hotels and tourists. Mostly just fishermen and boats and some restaurants.

Chalong Bay

Phuket Longtail boats

The day was just about perfect - now, let's see what happens tomorrow! I am not predicting anything! Will update on Twitter. But tonight the wind has completely gone, its totally calm. Outside our house was so quiet. No wind, not even a single rustling leaf. Good sleeping weather.

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