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It's all sunny again (well, mostly)

This will be quite a quick Phuket weather update - it's 10pm on Sunday and my parents are visiting from England, so don't want to be too long on the 'puter. The weather this week has been mostly very good. Hardly any rain except for some afternoon showers here and there (I mean, maybe there were harder showers in some parts of the island, but I hardly saw any). Hoping this weather continues! Mum and Dad arrived on Friday evening, and although I was working today, holidays start tomorrow... and where will we be going on holiday? Phuket! Of course, I know the weather is not perfect at this time of year. But we have little choice about when to take the holiday - kids school is off until the last week of October. I do find that low season weather is never that bad once you're out and about. Rain looks worse through a window, and it's rare that we get terrible weather. So I look forward to our holiday!

A quick look back to a few days ago - On Thursday 22nd September I stopped at Kata Beach before going to the dive shop. The weather was like this all day - beautiful blue skies, perfect weather. Low season has quite a lot of this if you are lucky :)

Kata Beach Phuket 22nd September

It's not all been quite so perfect all week, but pretty damn good! Yesterday despite the jet lag we all headed out for some exploration - nothing too much on the first day, though. Started at Koh Sirey Temple on a hill to the east of Phuket Town. Sirey has been tarted up a bit recently. The mangroves hide lots of monkeys and a "Monkey Seeing" area has been made.. a bit dirty, but you do see monkeys - so many that there is need for warnings on the road :

Monkey on Road!

And then after lunch at the ever popular Kaewjai restaurant near the bus station we visited an old mansion in the old part of Phuket Town - Chinpracha House has been turned into a museum, a chance to walk around an old house, part of Phuket's history. It's full of old photos, furniture and despite the heat outside, its cool inside. We'd been once before on a tour of Phuket Town, this time we spent a bit longer looking around.

Chinpracha House Phuket

Blue skies! More would be appreciated ... holidays start tomorrow and so does the Phuket Vegetarian Festival which runs from September 26th - October 6th. Tomorrow (Monday 26th) we'll go to Kathu Shrine for the ceremony that marks the start of the festival. We also plan a few days at Khao Sok National Park this week. Then back for the last few days of the festival. Also the Worldwide Photo Walk on 2nd October which has a Phuket walk planned around the old town with (I am sure) vegetarian festival photos being the main subject!

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