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The weather in Phuket - Great!

As I write this on Wednesday morning, I can see nothing but blue skies, looks like another perfect day on the way. Come and get it! You can see those blue skies for yourself - just check the Karon Beach or Surin Beach webcams during Thai daylight hours which is from about 6am - 6:30pm. The webcams are still working at night, but even here in Phuket the sun does not shine at night :)

I am not suggesting that we get 24 hour sunshine in Phuket, but high season is well and truly here and the weather is great. I repeat for the umpteenth time - there is no flooding in Phuket or anywhere near Phuket. The weather has been great for the last month. The situation in Bangkok confuses me, but does not seem to be getting worse, and it is perfectly safe to fly into Bangkok, much of the city center is absolutely dry and open as normal. For latest updates I suggest you follow Richard Barrow on Twitter - he lives in Bangkok and is doing a lot of donkey work riding round the city taking photos and reporting the latest flood news.

Back to Phuket ... last weather blog update was 9th November. The day after was Loy Krathong, a well known Thai festival giving thanks for water and casting off bad luck but floating a "Krathong" on any nearby available body of water, or by setting off a paper lantern into the night sky. We did both and the weather was great all day. There are big parties and events for Loy Krathong around Phuket, but we went somewhere quiet, a small restaurant on the beach.

Loy Krathong 2011

Loy Krathong

The great weather continued into the weekend. Hot sunny days. With all that heat we sometimes get thunderstorms. This is a tropical region. Thunderstorms happen, but usually last maybe an hour, maybe less. When you look at online weather forecasts for Phuket, they tend to say "thunderstorm". I hate this - I am sure some people believe it's non stop storms, whereas that little thunderstorm symbol means "chance of a thunderstorm". And we get them maybe every other day, and thunderstorms can be very localised. It might rain and spit thunder at Kata beach, and be sunny and dry at Bang Tao Beach for example...

Sunday night I was at home and could hear a big thunderstorm brewing. Checked the weather radar and could see a big storm sitting on the south of Phuket. Never really reached our house but friends around Kata and Chalong reported a very exciting storm, and one friend's roof was hit by lightning!

Back to Saturday - which was a lovely sunny day and we just made it to The Beach Bar in time for sunset....

Sunset in Phuket

Phuket Sunset 12th November 2011

Perfect day. Ignore the online rubbish forecasts. The true weather in Phuket right now is hot and sunny, maybe a thunderstorm in the evening, even a slim chance of rain. November does have rain, so does December. High season does not mean the weather gods have turned the tap off. It's possible to have bad weather in high season, just as we can get very nice weather in low season. It's the weather, and my advice is "Don't Worry"!

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