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Christmas 2011 in Phuket

Christmas means many things, has more meaning for some people than others, and for an Englishman in Thailand with lots of childhood Christmas memories I find it a very odd time of year. Christmas in Thailand is not quite the same as back home - hardly anyone does the decorations, the shops are not playing Slade, there is no double Christmas issue of the Radio Times (and I am told this no longer exists in England either). And the weather is a little bit different too!

What's the weather being doing during this festive season? Guess what.. hot and sunny pretty much all the time. A quick look at some of my "Tweets" last week...

20th December: Skies clearing nicely in Phuket .. going to be yet another hot, sunny, beautiful day. Probably.

21st December: This morning's weather in Phuket. Sunny

22nd December: Gonna be a hot one.

and then ... Having a nice afternoon shower now, first heavy rain I've seen for quite a few days... it'll only last 20 minutes.

23rd December: It's a perfect sunny morning with blue skies all around. Christmas weather :)

24th December: Not a really sunny in Phuket. A bit sunny, a bit cloudy

And it got windy for a few days too! Strong east wind blowing from the 24th to 27th, it's calmed down now.

25th December - Christmas Day! We closed the dive shop for a day. It's a family day. We did family things, the kids got presents under the tree. We went out, did stuff, and went out again in the afternoon for dinner at The Beach Bar. A beautiful evening.

Some photos ... Christmas Day in Phuket :

Monks on the beach at Cape Panwa, Phuket

Cape Panwa, Phuket at low tide

Christmas Day sunset, Phuket

The wind continued a couple more days, no rain until a brief downpour this evening (29th). You don't normally get much rain at this time of year, a few showers is normal. Weather is just about perfect right now! I have been very very busy in the dive shop (Sunrise Divers) the last few days and that will continue through the first week of January. This is the peak of high season, although the weather stays this way for a few more months. And it gets hotter! Anytime anyone asks me "when is the best time to come to Phuket?" .. I say NOW! My favourite time of year is January to December :)

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