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Yes, it's still hot and sunny in Phuket!

Quick summary for those with short attention spans: Weather is nice in Phuket right now and has been nice for the last week with a couple of little showers of rain, but otherwise sunny, hot, lovely. As you'd expect from a "beach holiday destination" in peak season. And it certainly is peak season. Just a few days from CHRISTMAS! Or XMAS if you wish to be a bit anti-religious and forget the "Christ" part.

Anyway.. this is Thailand. we're not really into Christmas here, although a pretty tree and (of course) presents are quite commonly seen. Any excuse for a party! Thai people will adopt lots of holidays if it means having fun :) - After Christmas we have New Year, and then later in January, Chinese New Year .. and then in April is the traditional Thai New Year (Songkran). Lots of holidays - an advantage of living in a multi-ethnic society :)

Anyways, right now it's the peak of high season, being that lots of people like to travel around Christmas, escaping harsh winters and looking for the sun. We do get some rain sometimes in December .. in fact last year we had quite a lot. This year December has been all but dry so far, a few quick showers, but mostly sunny days ending with beautiful sunsets...

Phuket Sunset 13 December

(above) Sunset at Karon Beach, 13th December

Peak season also means that I am very busy, working 6 days a week, not really much time for blogging or exploring or going out to take photos. One day off per week - sometimes we go and do something new, or eat out .. sometimes it's a family day. Last Saturday we had a kids football competition which our 6 year old boy was taking part in - his first "real game". A Bl**dy hot day for kids to be running around a field! 6 year olds play their own version of football, generally involving all of them chasing the ball, tackling their own team, bumping into each other and mis-kicking then falling over. There was lots of that and plenty of good natured fun and laughter from the watching parents! There were some moments of football magic, though and I enjoyed using my 300mm zoom lens!

Kids football 2

After the football we headed to Cape Panwa for dinner at The Beach Bar. After that hot day, a bit of rain and thunder was in the air. We only got some light rain, but could see the rain dashing across Chalong Bay from the east, so I am sure some people got soaked. The sun tried to peep through, the light was great.. A couple of views from my seat ....

Rainy Beach

Rainy sunset

Please do follow me on Twitter for (almost) daily mentions of the weather in Phuket. See you there! Not sure if this blog will be updated again before Christmas, so whether or not you are a practicing Christian, I wish you a Merry Christmas from sunny Phuket :)

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