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January in Phuket

At this time of year, just a summary of the week's weather is enough. Phuket in January - if you get bad weather you are very very unlucky! On average, January and February are the driest months. We have had some light rain. Actually, my rain gauge told me that 20mm fell on our house on the night of the 16th, though it went unnoticed by a sleeping family. Yesterday we even had some light rain during the day. No surprise really, the morning started very very hot.. heat causes water to evaporate, water vapour condenses at higher altitude (cooler temperature) and there's your rain. My home rain gauge said 10mm by the end of the day, nothing to write home about, but sometimes in high season I see shocked tourist faces when it rains ... OMG! Rain! Horror! The brochure said sun!

Yeh, we got sun, too. On Sunday I just caught the sunset at Kata Beach. Sunset is a bit before 6:30pm right now. Sunrise like 6:45am, meaning that on a school day, with the alarm set for 6am, we're waking up in the dark for early morning coffee before waking the kids. Anyway .. I took a few photos on Sunday. Nice.

Sunset at Kata Beach Phuket

Rope man at sunset

Sunset at Kata Beach Phuket, 15th January 2012

Yeh, it was nice. I want to be on holiday in Phuket! For me right now, it's high season, busy in the dive shop (Sunrise Divers Phuket)... a day off is a luxury! Actually, a 15 minute walk on the beach at sunset is a luxury! Since Sunday, I have been in the dive shop until 7pm each day, so no more sunsets .. It has been hot, lots of blue skies, lots of sun, the winds have dropped. I reckon I might have to squeeze in a dive trip next week sometime!

Last photo - I took it this afternoon - there is a small Chinese shrine just outside our dive shop in Karon Place, just a few minutes walk from Karon Beach ...

Chinese Shrine, Karon Place, Phuket

I saw the last rays of sun shining onto the face of the statue.. It's Chinese New Year on 23rd January. Some events coming up include the Chalong Temple Fair from 23rd - 29th January and the Phuket Old Town Festival from 28th - 30th.

More sun please!

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